Ways to Give

St. Andrew’s relies on donations from its members and friends in order to support the ministries that take place at this church. We believe that generosity is a mark of a full and healthy life, and that the desire to demonstrate faithful stewardship of the gifts that we have been given is a sign of a mature spirituality.

Many people strive to apportion a certain percentage of their income to the work of the Church, in line with the biblical model of “tithing”. There is no set fee for church membership, however, so all are welcome regardless of their financial circumstance.

  • Weekly Offerings each week, during our worship services, there are opportunities to offer financial support to the ministry of St. Andrew’s Church. If you plan to contribute on a regular basis, it can be helpful to ask for “Givings Envelopes” which is a convenient way for the church office to record your contributions, over an extended period of time, in order to issue an income tax receipt for your donations.

  • Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR) Plan some find it convenient to make arrangements for a regular amount to be transferred from their bank account each month. This is also a safe and secure way to make offerings. If you would like to learn more about this method, or set up a Pre-authorized Remittance for the Church, please speak to Doug Pearson, our Church Manager (416-593-5600 x.223) or email Doug at dpearson@standrewstoronto.org

  • Special Appeals from time to time, special appeals are issued in relation to a specific need, fundraising goal, or ministry. In recent decades, appeals have included requests for support for a significant capital campaign, a fundraising appeal to help to pay for a new grand piano, and special appeals for financial support for victims of natural disasters in other parts of the world. It is inspiring to witness the generosity of the people of St. Andrew’s in relation to these special appeals.

  • Memorial Donations many individuals appreciate the opportunity to offer a donation in memory of a loved one. At Easter and Christmas, there are also opportunities to make a contribution towards the “Flower Fund” in memory of a loved one and to have an Easter lily or Christmas poinsettia in the chancel during those holiday celebrations. More information about these opportunities is available in the Church Office.

  • Bequests, Estate Planning and Planned Gifts St. Andrew’s has benefitted greatly from bequests and donations which were designated in peoples’ wills. The recent renovations on the Church, from 2010 – 2012, for example, were greatly helped by a bequest that the Church received from the estate of a former participant in the life and work of the congregation. There are many different ways to structure these gifts, and more information is available by speaking with Doug Pearson, our Church Manager (416-593-5600 x. 223) or by sending him an email