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Nurturing Christian Community

Boarding Homes Ministry would like to express its thanks to the people of St. Andrew’s Church for their generous support over the years. St. Andrew’s congregation has been one of our major donors and has provided BHM with dedicated Board members, and with office space. The congregation, importantly, has provided our ministry with faithful and loving team members who visit into homes.

Founded in 1996 Boarding Homes Ministry nurtures Christian community by linking church visitors with residents of local homes. These residents are gifted, beautiful people with much to offer. They have been brave in facing their illnesses, they inspire with their stamina, and they often have profound insights into the nature of God-among-us. The residents of these privately owned and operated homes graciously welcome in team members, and rich community is formed as the new community shares life in Christ.

The goal of Boarding Homes Ministry is to glorify God by fostering deeper and more loving relationships with those who experience mental health problems. Mental illness is widespread. There will be people in our workplaces, schools and neighbourhoods who carry the burden of illness. They need to be lovingly met and celebrated. Congregations can reach out and God will be praised. Also, within our congregations there will be those who experience various forms of mental illness. Congregations can enrich their pastoral life as they draw closer to those who are ill and provide a venue of affirmation and love.

Please contact Boarding Homes Ministry to receive our Cat Jeoffry church school curriculum which offers insights into pastoral care and explores ways in which the church of Jesus can develop stronger ties with those who experience mental illness. There are four age-appropriate lessons for 10-12 year-olds, four lessons for high school students, and eight lessons for adults. The kit contains twenty commissioned posters, and a cd of original music to stimulate and direct small group discussions. Please visit our website:, and reflect on how you might become involved.

In our Christian communions may God be praise as lives draw close in love and celebration.

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Rev. Rodger Hunter,
Boarding Homes Ministry Chaplain;
Minister in Association, St. Andrew’s Church
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