“I’m still lookin’ for that taxi-cab driver!” said Giller Prize winner Austin Clarke

about the cabbie who demanded a bottle of his treasured Barbados rum as partial payment for a ride to his student residence on his first day in Canada in 1955, while we were recovering from Hurricane Hazel.
Austin Clarke

“Writing On the Farm was one of the most rewarding times of my life” reported

Stevie Cameron, one of Canada’s premier journalists, and a member and Elder at St. Andrew’s Church, about her eight-year experience following the trial of Willie Pickton and researching the stories of Vancouver’s missing women and their families.

“Writing is hard work!” said former McClelland and Stewart editor and publisher

Douglas Gibson. “Editing the work of Alice Munro, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Robertson Davies and others was easy compared to writing about my experiences working with famous authors over the years.”
Each of these writers, all featured guests at our book club meetings, gave us insights into the lives of writers and the process and business of writing, as well as background information about the characters in their books.
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